Monday, August 10, 2009

Using SQL Developer and the Data Modeler to aid your Oracle APEX development.

After using the recently introduced Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for a number of projects, I thought it would be fun to talk about how all these wonderful tools we develop in the Database Tools group can be used together to improve our productivity as Software Developers and explore some of numerous integration points of Oracle Application Express, Oracle SQL Developer and the new Data Modeler.

So on Wednesday, September 9th, I will actually have to opportunity to demonstrate these tools as the speaker at the NYOUG Web SIG meeting, which happens to take place here in my New York office, at 520 Madison Avenue. We’ll look at how to create new and enhance existing database models with the Data Modeler, then build an APEX application on top of these data structures and use SQL Developer to browse APEX information and to remotely debug your APEX application's PL/SQL code. If you happen to be in there area, please stop by, additional information can be found here:

NYOUG WebSIG meeting, Wednesday, September 9th