Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Ready for Oracle Open World 2010

Are you coming to Oracle Open World next week and are you wondering what sessions to attend while you’re there? Well, if you’re travelling with your iPhone, iPad, or Android, then look no further, here’s you mobile web app you’ve been waiting for. With this app - build with Oracle Application Express 4.0 - you’ll easily find all the APEX related sessions, hands-on labs and the Demo-Grounds schedule by date, company, presenter and location:

… if you’re travelling with any other device, like one of these laptop computers or netbooks they’ve been using way back when, you’ll still get to enjoy this app, as long as you’re using a Webkit based browser, like Apple Safari, or Google Chrome.

Hope to see you there, I’m up on stage on Monday, 11:30am, Hotel Nikko, Golden Gate, talking about Tabular Forms in APEX 4.0.

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