Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8th Annual NYC Metro Oracle Users Group Day

If you're in the NYC metro area tomorrow, come join me at the 8th Annual NYC Metro Oracle Users Group Day. The day kicks off with Andy Mendelsohn's keynote on Oracle 11g. Andy Mendelsohn is Oracle's Senior Vice President of Database Server Technologies, and our team, the Oracle Application Express group, is part of that organization.

And a little bit later, at 11:45am I'm on with my presentation about the architecture and configuration options of Oracle Application Express. I'm planing to dig a little bit deeper than usual into how APEX actually works, and walk you through the different setup options with the APEX Listener, Embedded PL/SQL gateway etc and review the install and update process. I presented several different APEX topics at a number of recent NYOUG meetings, and in addition to questions about these feature, I also always get a lot of architecture and configuration related questions, so I thought this time, I''ll dedicate my whole session to this.

You can find more information about the event here:


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