Thursday, May 30, 2013

White Paper on Custom PDF Reports in APEX

As I’ve previously blogged about and outlined in my video tutorials, it is now possible to create custom PDF reports with APEX 4.2.2 using the APEX Listener 2.0.2 and third-party tools like Altova Stylevision or Stylus Studio. To help our customers getting started with this, we’ve just released a white paper that outlines the system requirements, explains the configuration steps and options and then walks you through the creation of PDF reports using custom layouts step by step. The white paper is available on out Oracle Application Express OTN page:


  1. Hi Marc - very nice, thanks for the guide. This is a big step forward in producing "Enterprise" quality reports.

    Personally, I've found Altova Stylevision can produce very professional reports.

    Two questions for you:
    1. With "Classic" reports, is there any way to handle ampersands and other special characters? These work by default in the Report Export.
    2. Will the Report Layout functionality be extended to Interactive Reports?



  2. Hi Greg - the special character issue you're encountering when using ampersand, and some other characters will be resolved with our upcoming APEX 4.2.5 patch set. We don't have a release date for this yet though.

    Regarding IRRs - we do plan to support report layouts for IRRs at some point, however I'm not if this will make it into APEX 5.0 at this stage.