Friday, October 24, 2014

APEX Tabular Forms Deep Dive at #ORCLAPEX NYC Meetup

Ever heard of APEX$ROW_NUM, APEX$ROW_SELECTOR and APEX$ROW_STATUS? Did you know you can reference tabular form columns using bind variable syntax in your page processes? Are you familiar with the execution scope of tabular form processes for modified vs submitted rows? Ever struggled using apex_application.g_fxx arrays with checkboxes? And do you really need to use the apex_item APIs? In APEX 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 we've introduced lots of new tabular form features, including declarative tabular form validations and page processes, yet there are still PL/SQL processes being written that loop through the apex_application.g_fxx arrays or tabular form regions that mix apex_item API calls with using built-in form elements.

So when planning our next #ORCLAPEX NYC Meetup, we've figured this would be a great topic to cover. And since we don't want to talk you to death during a single meetup - we decided that we'll do a three part series, starting slow and covering the basics during our next meetup on 11/06, then dig a little deeper in part two and then conclude this series with a grand finale during the third meetup in this series.

Join us on Thurday, November 6th at the Oracle office in Manhattan, at 120 Park Ave. We're starting at 6pm and we'll serve pizza this time - thanks to everyone's generous donations last time.

RSVP today:  #ORCLAPEX NYC Meetup

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