Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oracle Application Express 5.1 Early Adopter 1 now available!

We are very excited to announce the beginning of the Oracle Application Express 5.1 Early Adopter program, at The Early Adopter is an open-to-the-public hosted beta program. And we’re inviting everyone interested in Oracle Application Express - existing customers and new customers alike - to sign up for a free workspace and take our forthcoming release for a spin.

To get started, click the "Request a Workspace" button from the home page, sign-in with your Oracle account (i.e. the same account you use for other Oracle sites, like OTN) and complete the sign-up wizard.

There are numerous new features to explore, including the Interactive Grid and Oracle JET charts. As this is an Early Adopters release, not everything is complete just yet, you can review a list of known issues here:

We’re looking for your feedback and input, which you can submit via the feedback button (see App Builder nav bar in the upper right-hand corner).

Thank you for your interest and your support!

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